This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. My wife asked me if I intend to pursue this as part of my work, studies, or in my spare time? I guess the issue is whether I see myself having the time to spare maintaining a blog. Its a very reasonable question, but I thought I still would give it a try. The reason is (at least) two fold:

1. We’re part of a church plant in Stockholm. Its all very new, the seed has barely been put into the ground, so to speak. We’re experiencing tremendous culture shifts in society, and as Christendom is collapsing and the churches in Sweden are facing a significant missionary challenge the need for thinking outside the box is greater than ever. I hope that this will be a forum in which part of this thinking may take place. 

2. I’m pursuing a PhD in Applied theology and Missiology at IBTS in Prague. As part of my research I’m looking at the Emerging Church conversation and to what extent it may be able to provide tools for churches in Sweden to respond to the challenges we’re experiencing today. I hope that this also will be a forum to process some of that stuff.

Well, anyway. At the very best, some fruitful exchange of ideas and discussion will emerge out of all this. At worst, it’ll be a rather glorified conversation with myself! Which isn’t all that bad…