the-new-friarsI got a new book in the post today, The New Friars by Scott A Bessenecker. I have only had the time to have a glance at it, but I’m really looking forward reading the book. Scot looks at a (although still quite small, but powerful) phenomenon of young people who leave the comforts of middle class life to join movements inspired by the monastic traditions such as the Franciscan, Jesuit and Celtic orders. This “neo-monastic” movement, or the new friars, joins some of the most poorest communities in the world in order to seek justice and mercy.

The neo-monastic movement has come to influence the Emerging Church conversation in some significant ways – you can amongst other things trace parts of its missional agenda to this phenomenon. And it shows that Emerging Church is so much more than candles, arts, savvy alternative forms of worship, theological revision and stuff like that. This inspires me, and if we only can catch some of this in what we’re involved with here in Stockholm that would be, well, pretty amazing.

Tom Sine’s book The New Conspirators has some good stuff about neo-monasticism and Emerging Church, and Shane Claiborne’s (who was in Gothenburg in May speaking at the Baptist Union conference) The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical is a given when it comes to these matters.