I’m off to England today. Britain is my “home away from home” for two reasons. Firstly, I lived there for four years, which is long enough to develop some deep roots. Those years also had a huge impact on my faith as I had some profound experiences of God and what a vibrant, loving and outreaching Christian community can look like. Also, my wife is from England, so we frequently make trips there to spend time with family and friends.

Well, here’s five things I like about this country… In no particular order:

1. Tea and toast (I know, we have that in Sweden as well, but for some reason it just tastes better over there)
2. Pub lunches
3. sky1 (the tv channel, that is. The Simpsons, Buffy, Angel, SG1, Star Trek…yes, I admit I’m a geek. Its a miracle me and my house mates actually managed to finish our degrees)
4. Boost chocolate bars
5. Indian and chinese takeaways (the quality just is so much higher over there, tasty stuff)

Hmm, four out of five seems to relate to food. Not sure if that was intended. Well, anyway, it will be great spending some time with family and friends. And as far as I’m aware, its not as bone chilling cold in England at the moment as over here, and thats a real plus too.