As some of you might be aware of, a while back there was quite some discussion about the future of Emerging Church – what does it really stand for today, is it a helpful term etc? (Have a look at this post as well as this one for some background info). For some its become a liability when being in contact with denominations, churches, ministries (due to confusion as well as misconceptions about what Emerging Church is), some feel that Emerging Church has come to mean anything and everything (and therefore rather useless), whilst others feel that Emerging Church has become too much equated with Emergent. Well, anyway. In the US there’s been some rumours about a new network being formed by people such as Scot McKnight, Dan Kimball and others. It seems as if this network – or community as they call it – is starting to take shape. Here’s a link to a website they’re temporarily using. Dan Kimball has also written a recent post about this.