In his post about planting the Gospel (rather than planting churches), Alan Hirsch quotes Dr D T Niles from Sri Lanka. Planting the Gospel implies having the specific context in mind that I’m sent to and in that process being open to whatever form of Christian community that may be able to grow in that context, rather than planting a specific model of church. Here’s the quote:

The Gospel is like a seed, and you have to sow it.  When you sow the seed of the Gospel in Israel, a plant that can be called Jewish Christianity grows.  When you sow it in Rome, a plant of Roman Christianity grows.  You sow the Gospel in Great Britain and you get British Christianity.  The seed of the Gospel is later brought to America, and a plant grows of American Christianity.  Now, when missionaries come to our lands they brought not only the seed of the Gospel, but their own plant of Christianity, flower pot included!  So, what we have to do is to break the flowerpot, take out the seed of the Gospel, sow it in our own cultural soil, and let our own version of Christianity grow.