The economic recession is affecting all areas of society, no doubt about that. How is your church/denomination/ministry being affected by all this? TallSkinniKiwi has written a series of posts on this topic (you can find them here and here and here). I mentioned this earlier, the Baptist Union which I’m supported by, has been forced to make a serious down-sizing: a third of the denominational staff has to go, a strict no to all new projects that seek funding, and still they need to save a huge amount of money this year to meet the budget goals. Its serious stuff and the future looks uncertain, not to mention all the people who are personally affected by all this. As for me, they still will fund our church planting project, but there will be no more money for the position I have at a Bible school here in Stockholm (as of August next year). 

Nevertheless, I don’t believe that the future of the church in Sweden stands or falls on monetary or material resources. More importantly we need to find simple, flexible and sustainable ways to work and function (as local communities as well as on denominational levels). We need to get back to being a grassroots movement, that grow and function through organic networks, and which prioritizes to do the stuff Jesus did. We don’t need huge resources to do all this, we just need to be wise in how we use the resources available to us.