I’ve had a great end of 2008 (besides a brief encounter with some form of virus that kept me in bed for a few days with headache and fever), including numerous meals and parties with friends, neighbours and family. It all started off Dec 24th (us Swedes celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve for some reason), continued on the 25th (which is when my wife, who is from England, preferrers to celebrate the whole thing), Boxing day on the 26th (could anyone please explain why this day is celebrated?!), our daughters first birthday on New Years Eve and it will all end with my mother’s birthday next week. Slightly exhausting, but in a good way that is.

I’m looking forward to 2009 for several reasons, primarily because I will be on parental leave four days per week until August (I’ll continue with the church planting stuff and some of my research, but the work with the Bible school is put on hold). Sweden is great in this matter, being paid money to spend time with your children! Good stuff. It will also give me time to spend time with friends and strangers and read some good books (my wife probably laughs at this point if she reads this… not about spending time with friends, but about reading books…). I also hope to catch up with some photography and do some serious blogging (oh, I can hear my wife laughing now…)

Well, anyway. There are more cool things happing in a not too distant future. This Saturday I will be co-hosting a missional roundtable here in Stockholm together with Douglas Molgaard and Fredrik Hellström. We’ve had some good pioneering and church planting conferences over the last few years here in Sweden, but there’s a growing desire just to meet up, share stories, thoughts and questions, network and support one another in our missional endeavors. There’s no invited speakers or planned seminars, just whatever the participants bring to the table. I really look forward to this meeting, and I look forward to see what God is planning and already is doing around Sweden. 

We’re hoping that this will be the first in a series of roundtables across Sweden and if you would like to be part of the conversation at some point during 2009 feel free to contact me (see the About page). 

There’s more things going on in January and February and I plan to write about them later on, but this will do for now.