God is truly doing some cool stuff around the world. Today me and my wife will attend an informal meeting with a guy called Victor John, who at present is based in Sweden but has been part of initiating a remarkable movement in India with around 3 million people baptized and 80 000 churches planted (house churches, or as they call it “family churches”). Its a spontaneous and organic movement highly focused on discipleship and following Jesus in a very real and practical way. Richard Hultmar has posted some things about this movement on his blog, you find it here (in Swedish), you can also find an online article about him here (also in Swedish). 

One thing that Victor John and people part of this movement stresses is that our traditional view on discipleship is knowledge based – we spend our time as Christians acquiring knowledge about Jesus – instead of being obedience based – actually taking Jesus’ words seriously and doing the stuff. Obeying what Jesus said and did is not an optional extra, it is what being Christian is all about. They also stress that the church should be self-supported and not relying on external funding, and emerging out of the local context. Good stuff!

But there’s more things going on this weekend. Sammankomst 09 starts this evening, which is a gathering for alternative, house church and neo-monastic communities in Sweden. We will be there tomorrow and I’m really looking forward meeting these guys. I believe that God is doing something really exciting on a grass root level here in Sweden and we’re only starting to see some of the signs of all this.

We will most likely start experimenting with some of the thinking that goes on within the neo-monastic movement in the church plant I’m part of. If there’s no building, traditional cell groups or Sunday church services that holds the community together, then what is? What we’re hoping to do is to commit to a number of practices each week that encourages and enables missional living, moves us in a direction of Christ likeness and deepens and strengthens the relationships in the community. More on this will hopefully be posted as our conversation and experimentation moves on.