If you’ve been following this blog then you know that I, besides working with church planting in Stockholm, also am doing a part time PhD in Applied Theology at IBTS in Prague. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and things are moving along nicely. This Spring I’m going to begin a totally new phase in my research, after writing about Emerging Church and arriving at a working definition of this highly fluid phenomenon. Stuart Murray has described attempting to define Emerging Church as “trying to nail jelly on a wall”, and I couldn’t agree more with him!

Well, anyway, for this new phase I would need your help, if you’re able and willing to provide it for me, that is. As part of my research I’m going to identify and study a number of Christian communities in Sweden that may be regarded as emerging churches. 

My question to you, dear reader, is therefore: Are you aware of any Christian community in Sweden that you would regard as “emerging church”?

If so, I would be more than thankful if you could let me know, either by commenting on this post or sending me an email on mattias(at)neve.se

There are, of course, some criteria to consider:

1. The group consider themselves Christian or Christ followers
2. They consider themselves a congregation, church plant or mission (not merely a small group of an existing church – but it could be quite a small group of, for example, a few families, the main point is that the group consider their community as church)
3. They meet at least monthly (as a larger congregation, small groups etc – the main issue is not how they meet, but that there is a frequency and sustained communal life)
4. The community isn’t older than 15 years
5. They are still meeting
6. The community is located in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö
7. The group is purposefully attempting to respond to the changing cultural context in Sweden, and is in this sense motivated by a fresh vision and a pioneering mindset.

At this point I’m having quite a wide scope – just because I don’t want to miss anything that might be emerging out there. I will narrow down the list more and more as the research progresses, as I also have more specific criteria relating to my working definition of Emerging Church. 

Any help is greatly appreciated, however big or small!

Thank you