Now, I know that one should be careful with numbers and statistics. What may look good on paper may not reflect reality, or it may not say anything about the quality that lays behind the numbers. Anyway, Richard Hultmar posted some encouraging and exciting stats on his blog the other day (you find the post here), as he’s surveyed the church planting projects that either started in 2008 or is about to start in 2009, all supported by the inherited churches and more traditional denominations in Sweden (not including the Church of Sweden). 

All in all they amount to 37 new church plants, which may not sound too impressive depending on which part of the world you live in – but believe me, in regard to the Swedish context this is encouraging stats! Add to this what is emerging on the fringes and outside of the inherited churches and the picture becomes even more encouraging. Of course, we need to discuss what kind of churches we are to initiate in this post-Christendom country – but lets just take a moment and rejoice and be thankful about these men and women who take quite a big step of faith and embark on this adventure with God. Good stuff!