I’ve written about Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost’s latest book ReJesus in a previous post. One of the things they stress is that we need to get our starting point right; instead of beginning with ecclesiology – what church is and how its done (which seem to be a standard starting point when, for example, doing church planting – if we get that one right, everything else will follow!) – we need to start with who Jesus is. Our understanding of Jesus informs  our mission, which in turn informs our understanding of church, which is birthed out of the mission context. This has the implication that who we understand Jesus to be is a major issue! One of the problems, they tell us, is that we tend to misunderstand who Jesus is (for example when we interpret Jesus through a middle class, Western, white, Christendom church-lens) – which is devastating, and sometimes even dangerous, in terms of how we understand and do mission and church stuff. 

Well, anyway, stumbled across a podcast interview with Alan Hirsch via his blog The Forgotten Ways, you find the interview here. Its mainly centered around the book ReJesus, but the interview also covers more general stuff about missional church, Emergent, evangelism, mega churches and the need for more women to write books on mission. Enjoy!

And while your at it, why not have a look at chapter 1 from ReJesus, you find it here.