Well, here’s a treat for the upcoming weekend. Its a panel discussion about emerging church and features Scot McKnight and Tony Jones amongst others. Although the question “what is emerging church?” seems a bit dated (and personally I’m a bit fed up with that question as I have been spending the last couple of years trying to do define emerging church as part of my PhD research!), the discussion is interesting and brings up some good and important issues. I especially appreciate Scot’s contributions, particularly his point that emerging church primarily has been defined by its critics – which leads to an unfair and inaccurate account of the phenomenon. Critics choose examples that they don’t agree with and keep bashing these examples over and over again, ignoring other aspects of the conversation that they might even agree with if they took the time to listen. Not good at all, or as Scot states, its “uncharitable”.

You find the video here. Enjoy!

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