Its been a couple of busy weeks, which has meant zero time for blogging (besides an occasional Twitter update, isn’t micro blogging a blessing from above?). Well, anyway, this week I’ve been at Malmö and Helsingborg (South Sweden) meeting with a group of Swedish church leaders, staff from SALT as well as Stuart Murray and Juliet Kilpin from Urban Expression in the UK. The gathering was organised by Peringe Philström, and urban mission and church planting was on the agenda. Two days of great company and very inspiring and challenging conversations, to say the least. The aim was to begin discussing in what ways Urban Expression can help and resource us over here in Sweden.

I intend to write more about some of the stuff we talked about after the weekend (in the meanwhile, have a look at Jonas Melin’s blog as he comments the meeting, you find the post here). But in brief, Urban Expression started some eleven years ago and is involved in church planting in urban priority areas in the UK – they go to places most people never would like to live in, planting the gospel and serving the community. Their work is highly incarnational, holistic and missional. Cool stuff, and – for me personally – very challenging. 

On a different note, tomorrow we’re off to spend the weekend with some of the guys that are part of our church plant. We’ve rented a house some 100 km north of Stockholm – there will be time to chill, eat, talk, pray and study parts of the gospel of Luke together. And the weather forecast promises sun and nice temperatures, which sounds pretty good as well. And, yes, I believe that a bbq is on the agenda as well, not bad at all.