When I attended the meeting last month with Urban Expression in South of Sweden, Jonas Melin who blogs at Barnabasbloggen asked me why I write in English on my blog (me being a native Swede and all that). Its a good question, the main reasons being that my PhD dissertation is in English (which means I spend much of my days reading and writing in English) and much of the Emerging Church conversation on the web is found on English speaking blogs. But I didn’t really reflect much about which language to write in when I started blogging. Perhaps that was a mistake.

But Jonas has a good point – I live in Sweden and there’s a lot of good blogs around in Swedish, blogs involved in important conversations about this country, church,  culture shifts, mission, discipleship and stuff like that. If I want to get more involved in these conversations, shouldn’t I be blogging in Swedish? This is a question that has been nagging me since we met, and I’m not sure what to do. Translating each text is out of the question (I’m struggling finding time to produce blog posts in one language at the moment, let alone two!) Perhaps the easiest solution is having a bilingual blog where I publish blog posts in both Swedish and English, depending on the topic and the intended reader.

What do you think?

And by the way, although the posts are written in English the reader is more than welcome to comment in any language (preferably English or Swedish if you want me to understand what you write…)