Just want to highlight that I’ve added a new blog to the blogroll, its Steve Addison’s blog and he’s writing some good and though provoking stuff about Christian movements, mission, evangelism and that sort of stuff. Steve is from Oz and me and my wife had the privilege to sit down a chat with him over a coffee some years ago when he visited the Pioneering conference in Malmö in the South of Sweden. A good listener and encourager with the ability to ask good questions. Have a look at his blog and see what you think.

Steve also has a new book in the pipeline titled Movements that change the world, coming out soon. You find a sample chapter from the book here. Enjoy!

On his blog he’s kind enough to put together a reading list on Christian movements (you find it here), featuring books from biblical, historical and sociological perspectives, amongst other things.

And here’s a brief quote…

This confirms to me that all our consulting stuff about restructuring and re-imagining and rebadging was sincere but misguided. The basic problem is that we believers do not make disciples among unbelievers. If we do that, we can figure out the rest.

Ouch… “Death by discussion”. Just what I want to read just before I’m off to a roundtable. But the guy he’s quoting is probably right.