I ett nyhetsmail från CMA Resources skriver Neil Cole (författaren till bland annat Organic Church) några riktigt tänkvärda tankar om att präglas (imprint) av Jesus…

We want people to imprint on Christ from day one. Imprinting is a term from ornithology, the study of birds. When a baby gosling hatches, it imprints on the first moving object it sees. That object becomes its mother, and the gosling expects to be fed and protected by it.

When a person comes to faith in Christ, most churches tell them to just sit back and receive. They’re spoon fed by the church. And what happens? They imprint on the church or the pastor. They expect the church to do everything. And we wonder why there are so many passive Christians.

There is an alternative.  Christ immediately deployed people. Matthew was back with his friends. The Samaritan woman went back to her village. When a brand new Christian is thrust into a hostile environment with a mission, they’re going to pray like crazy. That makes them imprint on Christ immediately. – Neil Cole

Mycket tänkvärt enligt min mening.

Neil Cole ska för övrigt komma till Norge i vår (tror det är något som DAWN Norge arrangerar), hoppas att kunna åka dit och lyssna på honom.