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Nu i helgen blir det konferens på Kår 393. Michael Frost kommer till Stockholm och kommer att tala om “En missionell kyrka i ett efterkristet Sverige”. Vet inte om du kommer att vara där, men det kommer att bli riktigt, riktigt bra! Själv har jag hoppats på att få hit honom till Sverige under ett par år nu, det han har att säga är mycket angeläget för svensk kristenhet. Det är FG-nätverket och Barnabasgruppen som arrangerar konferensen och Michael kommer även att resa till Norge och Tyskland på en liten europaturné. Michael kommer även att predika under söndagens gudstjänst på Kår 393 (Obs! Kl 10.00).

Mer info om konferensen hittar du här (det går fortfarande att anmäla sig).

Vi kommer att spela in undervisningen, mer info om vart du hittar den kommer senare.

Hoppas att vi ses!

…För dig som inte har möjlighet att vara med under konferensen kan jag rekommendera Michael Frosts undervisning som du hittar på denna blog (högra spalten). Du hittar även ett bra videoklipp här. Enjoy!


HT: Missional Church Network

HT: Missional Church Network

I’ve been listening to two fairly recent podcasts about missional stuff. Mike Frost has been interviewed by Nomad Podcast (who also has a blog that’s well worth a visit, the interview is found here). The second is a Slipstream interview with Alan Hirsch (here), Slipstream is a suite of leadership resources published by the Evangelical Alliance. All good stuff. Enjoy!

Browsing around the Internet I stumbled across, and I must say I struck gold. The website features some really good resources, amongst other things three talks by Mike Frost from when he visited UK in October (you find them here), speaking about the future of the church in the West (and by all means the current state we’re in as well). Amongst other things he talks about how worship has become the organizing function of our churches and how we must start organizing around mission as we find ourselves in a post-Christendom culture and what that might look like in practice.

Well, anyway, besides saying some really important, powerful and God-inspired stuff (I must say I’m deeply challenged, inspired and moved by a lot of what this guy has to say!), he sure can tell some good stories as well!

The Forgotten Ways features an interview with Mike Frost about the newly published book ReJesus: A wild Messiah for the Missional Church (co-written with Alan Hirsch). I haven’t read the book yet, but it is on my wish-list. Here’s a quote from the interview…

In our first book together, The Shaping of Things to Come, we presented a little maxim that I’ve seen repeated in a variety of places that goes: our christology should lead to our missiology which in turn will lead to our ecclesiology. In other words, the way we understand the gospels and the character of God revealed to us in Jesus will affect our way of thinking about our mission in the world. If we get our christology right, it will lead to a right missiology. If we engage missionally in a godly fashion, issues such as how to ‘do’ church (ecclesiology) will take care of themselves. In Shaping, we argued that a great many church leaders want to start with questions about how to ‘do’ church. We argued strongly that we need to go back to the gospels and let Jesus give rise to our missiology. ‘Doing’ church then kinda falls out the back of a biblical missiology. So it makes sense that our second book together should focus on a missional christology.

I like it. Back to Jesus, back to the gospels. Back to the basics. Interestingly, most of the church planting training and resources I’ve come across seem to start in some other end – ecclesiology, how to form a church planting team, how to raise funding, or whatever. Rarely they start with who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.

Rick Meigs (Blindbeggar and Friend of Missional) mentioned to me that there’s a second YouTube clip with Mike Frost from the same conference. Thanks for the tip! Really great stuff. Its as long as the first one, so grab a coffee or tea or something, you’re in for both a treat and a challenge.

I was sent an YouTube-link a while back with Mike Frost, a missiologist part of an innovative community called Small Boat Big Sea in Sydney, Australia. He did a talk at the 2007 Presbyterian Global Fellowship Conference in Houston, TX, about the foundations for missional church thinking. Enjoy!